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Every year I have run this program I learn something new and inspiring about the youth who participate. This program, and I believe similar models, give back to us as facilitators far more than what we are required to put into them to create the space. Here are just a couple of examples of the window into these young minds a program like this creates.

The Believe in Me Foundation

Donator: Antigone
Age: 14
Children Playing Tug of War

"... I believe that for a thriving, diverse society to happen in our future, it’s important we focus on the present, our present is this generation. So many kids are unwillingly put in horrible situations that forever negatively affect them, setting them up for a bleak future. A way I think of it is, if everyone was running a race some people, like these kids, are forced to start way behind everyone else. These people in the back have so many more obstacles and challenges to overcome than the people farther up, the Believe in Me Foundation is trying to close the gap for these marginalized kids..."

Full essay shared with permission here.

The Alzheimer's Association

Donator: Max
Age: 14

"...One reason that draws me towards alzheimers is that I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather because he had alzheimers, my dad tells me great things about him and stories and I would have loved to hear them from him and even learn a few things from him. I don't want others to not have that opportunity and I think that donating to this nonprofit would be an extra hand to help the people who have alzheimers and all the people affected by it. I think that even if you can't prevent Alzheimer's, helping to treat and have this money go to research would be a great way to use this money...."

Full essay shared with permission here.

Doing Jigsaw Puzzle
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