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Donator: Antigone

Charity: The Believe in Me Foundation


Why I Chose “Believe in Me Foundation”

We are the future of this society. “We” being the next generation to shape this society. I believe that for a thriving, diverse society to happen in our future, it’s important we focus on the present, our present is this generation. So many kids are unwillingly put in horrible situations that forever negatively affect them, setting them up for a bleak future. A way I think of it is, if everyone was running a race some people, like these kids, are forced to start way behind everyone else. These people in the back have so many more obstacles and challenges to overcome than the people farther up, the Believe in Me Foundation is trying to close the gap for these marginalized kids. Marginalization in young people comes in all different forms such as, domestic violence, human trafficking survivors, homelessness, incarcerated parents, pregnant teens, abuse or trauma, and so much more. The Believe in Me Foundation has five “pillars” that they believe, if nurtured properly, can lead to confidence and success in the child’s life. I liked this charity because they spread wealth by donating grants to other children's charities that support those pillars.

The first pillar is transitional living. Many kids are left homeless or orphaned after serious emotional and behavioral disturbances, domestic violence, or abuse. Kids will then be places in a home-like setting, where Child Protective Services will give the around-the-clock care. Then the kids needs are evaluated and a plan is set for them to thrive not just survive. This plan can include therapy to teach healthy communication, medication adjustments, and nonviolent interventions. Constant moving around and an unreliable house situation can really mess with a kid’s education and set them very far behind. A study says that for every school a child is switched to they can lose up to four months of education.  In 2020 they donated $721,430 to charities that support children through transitional living. One of those charities was the Morning Star Boys’ Ranch Hope Project. The MSBR is a system that helps foster care students catch up with the other students. Every dollar they were gifted was spent in tutoring money for 45 K-12 students.

The second pillar is foster care and adoption. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without the support from my parents and the adults in my life, I hope that someday every kid has amazing support like I do. For a kid to have a sense of well-being, it’s important they have a strong connection from at least one parental figure. Most of the time Spokane has 700-800 kids in foster care. About half of the foster kids go back home but, there is still another half.  The goal of their program is to find a stable home for that other half. In 2020 the Believe in Me Foundation $70,000 to other charities that specialize in foster care work and finding everyone a safe, happy, and healthy home.

Another thing they provide is wraparound services for children. Counselors, social workers, and community services can help put the child back on track. It’s great because every kid has a different situation and needs and these services are able to help them. A good support system is crucial in a child’s life, especially when they’ve been through a lot. $45,000 was donated to charities that work with the wraparound services. The YWCA was one of the charities. They work on healing kids and teens who have has to deal with domestic violence, abuse, etc. The YWCA served hundreds of kids during the past couple of years and are great at staying in contact with them, ensuring their well-being.

The fourth and fifth pillars are education and enrichment. A good education can set them up for so much success and opportunities in the future. Self-confidence can be built through education and is very important in a kid’s life. When we believe in ourselves, we can do great things and help others believe in themselves. That’s why the Believe in Me Foundation invests in Title 1 school programs like STEM, ECEAP, and Head Start. Enrichment is very important in building imagination and resilience in a child. The Morning Star foundation worked with the Dishman Hill Conservatory to form a set of free online videos with self guided hikes for kids everywhere. Playing an instrument, drawing, just creating in general can grow minds and help kid’s succeed later on in life.

I live an incredibly great life, filled with support systems, opportunities, and people to turn to and trust. I’m very lucky because not everyone got these privileges. It’s terrible that kids are forced into these horrible situations and can’t do anything. They didn’t choose to be there, it’s not their fault but they still get the short end of the stick. Every child has the right to learn and have a safe home. I hope that by donating I improve their future and society’s future.

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