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Donator: Max

Charity: Alzheimer's Association

25 January 2022

Dear Josh,


I chose to donate to an Alzheimer's non-profit. The reason I chose an Alzheimer's non-profit is because I have always been drawn towards helping prevent and treat alzheimers. I think the idea of someone close to you starting to lose their memory and how to do simple things is scary. Alzheimers has affected many people and may have lost opportunities that you could have had with this person. One reason that draws me towards alzheimers is that I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather because he had alzheimers, my dad tells me great things about him and stories and I would have loved to hear them from him and even learn a few things from him. I don't want others to not have that opportunity and I think that donating to this nonprofit would be an extra hand to help the people who have alzheimers and all the people affected by it. I think that even if you can't prevent Alzheimer's, helping to treat and have this money go to research would be a great way to use this money.

The non-profit I chose is called the Alzheimer's Association. They explain where their money goes and 79% of their money goes to Alzheimer's care, support, and research. 17% of their money goes to fundraising and the rest of the money is for administration. The Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is recognized by the IRS. I think that this organization would be a good one to donate to because they have been successful in getting donations and they have offices you can visit all around the country. The Alzheimer's Association is researching many things such as earlier diagnosis, trying to find a way to prevent the disease, clinical trials, and a few more. This organization is trying many things to help prevent and treat. It's a national organization with national fundraising capability. Here is the link to this organization

Josh, thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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